Game Arcade

Whether you’re looking to reinforce behaviors that drive your business or recognize specific goal achievements, Game Arcade is a simple and fun way to reward the outstanding performance of your sales teams.

With Game Arcade, everyone wins. Literally.

Game Arcade features ten different game options, each with its own vivid and lasting game-play experience. Games can be offered individually as “instant plays” or include the entire arcade to let players select the game of their choice. Whichever approach you choose, Game Arcade offers a non-skill based method to reward the outstanding performance of your sales team.

This gaming technique is known as Variable Ratio Reinforcement and it’s what keeps you coming back for “just one more” game…and then another…and another. That effect could be a little problematic if it keeps you playing until 3 a.m., but the effect can be leveraged for positive action, too.

Lucky catch
Fortune wheel

Let’s use the power of gaming to drive home a win at your company.

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